Sustainability Business Education 



Our mission is to help colleges of business and management schools
to establish sustainability throughout the institution's culture with special emphasis on the curriculum and faculty development. 

We take a system's approachservices include: 

Consulting on integrating sustainability into the business
Advice on bringing sustainability into the institution's
  strategic planning process
Design of sustainability workshops and training for the
  institution's faculty and staff 
Branding the institution as a leader in sustainable
  business education

What we can offer  

  • Prior success designing, implementing and leading a successful academic program in sustainability
  • 40 years of academic experience across 4 different colleges, including 28 years in business/management education
  • 10 years of experience working across the curriculum to develop sustainability into graduate business/management education
  • 5 years experience assisting international business colleges move towards sustainability in their curriculum and research 
  • Keynote talks related to various topics on Sustainability and Business Education 
  • Workshop design for faculty and staff to transform the culture and the curriculum towards sustainability